Sunday, 8 September 2013

Night Mode Apk

The Android Night mode apk main goal is reduce the brightness of your screen lower than you can achieve with the default settings.
This android application applies an overlay filter that acts as a dimmer to darken the screen and ensure your eyes don't hurt.

Use Cases:
- (APK) Prevent your eyes from hurting when the screen is too bright.
- Low light (In bed, theater, cinema, ..) usage for reading, browsing, texting or disable.
- Disable hardware or soft button back light.
- If you have an Amoled display, you can also save battery.

- System_Alert_Window: To show the dimmer overlay.
- Internet and Access_Network_State: To send anonymous statistics and bug reports (You can disable them completely in the settings) and show the ad (yeah, just one:-)

Send me an Email if you have any problem question or suggestion.

What's new in this version Apk:
- Small bug fix for some devices.
- New features coming soon: scheduler and better notification.

Other Information:
Requires Android: Varies with device.
Current version: 1.0.1
Developer: Bruno Barao.



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